This page acts as a hub for things I want to talk about that I’ve built or participated in that are not games.

Radiant UI SDK

This is a CEF (Chromium Embedded Framework) based plugin that allows you to use HTML5/CSS3 based UI in your game, both on the HUD and on surfaces. In my opinion, it’s a much better choice for complex UI than UMG. It also performs better and gives better results than Scaleform.

This went open source a month or two after I licensed it, and for PC games on UE4 I think it’s unmatched. The reason I qualify that is because currently it only runs on Windows, although it could be ported to Linux and OSX I think fairly trivially, it just hasn’t been. For my needs, it’s fine.

I have my own fork, as the original author seems to not be maintaining it anymore. The fork is a little neglected but I will be getting back to it soon as I get back to game development.

New Destructible Mesh Editor

I’ve spent about 6 weeks at time of writing completely rebuilding the Destructible Mesh Editor in Unreal Engine 4. I’ve added support for core meshes, close UE4 integration, and support for both complex Voronoi and Slice modes. Cutout mode is in progress, but is complex and I am waiting for nVidia support.

My first post and initial demo of the project is here.


This is really minor, but I plan to fork GitDependencies to expand its global cache capabilities.