2 May

Destructible Mesh Editor finally goes to Epic

So, it’s been a long time coming since my initial post on this editor.

Since then, I’ve moved back to Europe from Saigon, Vietnam and worked closely with nVidia to get the final features into the editor. Bryan Galdrikian at nVidia did a lot of work to help me figure out what was going wrong and finally chipped in at the end with some changes that got things working. Cheers, Bryan!

Here’s my little demo of the final feature: Cutout mode.

Now,  I’ve also generated a Pull Request and submitted it to Epic. They’ll have to review the code changes, which are large, and then help me bring it in line with their coding standards. That, plus help me fix my outstanding bugs.

Unfortunately, despite what you might think was sensible, they refused to answer my questions about this editor until it was in the form of a pull request. Since I didn’t want to submit an unfinished editor, I got no answers during these last couple weeks.

That said, I hope that now they will help me fix the last few things that are wrong and maybe get this integrated into UE4.9.

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