29 Nov

An update on the Destructible Mesh Editor and this site

Hey, I’m not dead!

The site sure has been though, sorry about that. I suddenly had a lot less free time as I’ve been working for nVidia. I’m working a lot with UE4 still, in the context of GameWorks.

Now some bad news – Epic rejected my Destructible Mesh Editor pull request. It’s just too big and they don’t take big pull requests any more. They’re generally pretty busy with all of their games and the engine, so I’m not too surprised.

That said, it also can’t currently be made into a plugin as UE4 doesn’t have enough plugin hooks to make it happen. That may change in the near future, but for now it’s a dead project. I’ll try to pick it up again sometime soon.

And most exciting for me – I’m writing a book.

I’ve written the first chapter and the outline for a book I want to complete. It started as a book exploring the internals of UE4 and how to extend it, but it’s turned into a bit more than that sort of out of necessity. I don’t have a publisher yet, but I’ll be writing proposals shortly. Once I get some more meat on the bone I’ll start sharing here.


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