Early Stuff

My first computer was a Texas Instruments Ti99/4A. It had cartridges and a whopping 256 bytes of onboard CPU ram. I didn’t have it long, but I tried to program on it. That was 1984, I was 12.

I finally ended up with a Tandy Color Computer (CoCo) 2. Then a Coco3. Then an Amiga 500, 1200. I entered the PC era with an amazing 386SX laptop. It could run Doom, sort of.

When I was 19 I got my first job programming, where I was actually paid. I was a subcontractor with a local guy I knew who needed some help due to too much work. I’ve never looked back.

As old as this makes me feel, that means I’ve been programming professionally for 23 years now.

Game Development

My first game development job was at Visiware in Paris, France. I was working on a licensed game for the reboot Planet of the Apes movie. This was long enough ago that it’s obvious the movie never came out. I was essentially a junior/tools programmer. I made an OpenGL rendering engine in Delphi for their tools.

Lately, I’ve worked at Jagex, Crytek and Gamerizon. I’ve either been in a Lead Programmer position, or in the case of my last employer, I was CTO.

There’s very little I can’t do, but I will happily admit my weaknesses and let more qualified engineers do things that they’re better at.

I am now at the point in my career/life where I have a burning need to ship a game that I masterminded and built, so I am doing that. However, I still need to pay the bills, so I am consulting on the side.

Open Source

To my great delight, Epic open sourced Unreal Engine 4, and then made it free. Amazing. So I’ve been doing a lot of work in it the last year or so, and I’ve been contributing as much as I can. (See the Projects page.)


I’ve lived all over the world. I am currently living in Valencia, Spain where the weather is nice, the food is good and the internet is solid. Life is good.

LinkedIn: https://vn.linkedin.com/in/jasonmaskell